More than anything else, I have created this site in order to address two questions:

Why do we, collectively, and to a lesser extent, individually, murder and maim each other in so many ways?

What if anything, can be done about that?

Read the “What This Site Is All About” for more information.


What Is This Site All About?

When I was in a workshop on writing short stories, I was told by the leader that the little story I submitted for consideration “may have stepped over a line.” The “line” to which she referred was the boundary of acceptability in our culture. The story – Me, Ms Dwinnel and the Water Nimf – was hardly pornographic, but it did hint at a bit of erotic interest between a young student and his teacher. That I somehow stepped over a line was an odd criticism. It has always seemed to me that art begins precisely at that line.

In this page you can find, and contribute to, a lot of wrong-think, strange-think, and new-think.

When an individual encounters beliefs that are radically incompatible with the sum total of who she or he is, we call such beliefs “ego dystonic.” So we might call the thoughts that emerge when people color outside the lines provided by society “culturally dystonic.” At times ideas are culturally dystonic for good reasons. They might be destructive, evil or just plain silly. But this is not always the case. Some culturally dystonic ideas may provide us with new and more prodictive ways of being with each other and with the larger world.

Ideas should not be rejected simply because they seem strange to us upon first hearing. All ideas should be examined on the basis of logic and evidence.

If you are aware of information, articles, images and/or sites that contain ideas that are well thought through, and supported by evidence, but are nevertheless outside the realm of what can normally be discussed, let me know. Perhaps it would be appropriate for this site.

I believe that when we encounter poems, essays, images, stories and the like that percolate out of the shadow side of our natures – those realms within which one finds culturally dystonic impulses, ideas and images – we should sit up and pay attention. We are, after all, in the process of destroying one another, the human species, and possibly the life sustaining capacity of the earth by allowing ourselves to be guided by those ideas and beliefs that dominate the mainstream.

Those are culturally syntonic ideas.

We are unlikely to do worse.

That's what this page is all about.


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