More than anything else, I have created this site in order to address two questions:

Why do we, collectively, and to a lesser extent, individually, murder and maim each other in so many ways?

What if anything, can be done about that?

Read the “What This Site Is All About” for more information.


On some of the sites that I link to, you will find people who are, to one degree or another, talking nonsense. Perhaps, then, I should say something about why I have chosen these particular sites. They caught my fancy, but why? On each of these sites at least some of the content contains arguments or information that challenge our usual way of thinking about things. That they might also contain a bit of nonsense is not surprising. No one is omniscient. Truth is fragmented, and is spread around a large number of places. If we want to develop a worldview that is a somewhat better approximation of reality than the one we had yesterday, then we must listen to many people, and pick and choose those ideas that seems most sensible and well-founded.

This brings us to the question of authority. By what authority are we able to judge which bits and pieces are more true than others? On this, at least, I have a clear conviction. Authority is:

  • That which stands up to reason.

  • That for which there is evidence.

  • That which furthers the reign of love.

  • That which is beautiful.

And who is to judge which tidbits have these qualities? Well, it must be you of course, which is to say that for you there should be no higher authority than yourself. Unless it is God. But even in that case, it is you who must judge which voices are from God. You can’t get around it. You are your own authority, like it or not.

So I send you into the dark woods with these links. They contain seductive but deadly toadstools as well as delicious mushrooms. You must choose well. But for the most part, on the various sites to which I would send you, you will not find people advocating for hatred, for irrationality, or for blind obedience to any authority other than yourself.

I might make mistakes of course. But I will not knowingly sell you snake oil.


Counter Punch -- A courageous and hard hitting alternative news site that is written by very intelligent and well informed individuals.


Dark Montain Project -- An interesting group of people who question the validity of civilization itself.


The Disclosure Project --  This project is headed up by Steven Greer -- an aggressive researcher of UFOs. He clearly presents sufficient evidence of at least a major governmental cover-up on the subject, and establishes the fact that -- whatever they are -- UFOs are not just fantasies.


Global Research -- One of the two or three best sites for an honest, ethical and informed understanding of the politics of the world we live in.


Gram Hancock -- Probably best know for his alternative reading of history. But my interest in him is his belief that modern society systematically represses alternate forms of consciousness, and thereby trivializes life.


HealthWrights -- An excellent collection of articles and workshops, centered on the work of David Werner, that show an inovative and client centered approach to primary health care.


Mad Pride (or Mind Freedom) -- A self-help and political activists group made up of people who have been psychiatrically labled.


Origins of Peace and Violence -- A site based on the thinking of James W. Prescott, that makes the connection between early nurturing and sexual freedom, and social violence.


Prison Planet -- There are claims that are made on this site that seem a bit fanciful to me. Especially I don't think they understand what “socialism” is. Nevertheless, they support their central thesis – that we live in a prison nation – with evidence that is hard to dismiss. They deserve a hearing.


Regeneration International -- A grassroots and collaborative program designed to create a market and production system for products that regenerate land and human health.


Rupart Sheldrake -- A well-known botanist challenges the scientific establishment with his concept of the “morphogenic field.” The validity of this model, which opens us to a much more comprehensive view of reality, is supported by sound arguments and a great deal of data.

Travels With Oso Con Migo -- In this site, a militant naturist with a life style that reflects his his independent spirit, invites you on his many journies. This is a fun site the is full of interesting stories and unconventional wisdom.


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