– Modernism is the effort to plant the tree of life crown down with the roots in the sky. It will likely lead to a poor outcome.

– Ultimately the terry cloth monkeys will also fail us.

– Purity, patriotism, honor and glory are atrocity words. When the authorities give center stage to such words, you know that old atrocities are being denied and new ones contemplated.

– Unlimited and unrestrained growth in a biological organism is called cancer. For example, capitalism.

– There are as many bad ways to do science are there are multinational corporations.

– The innocence of children is to be unburdened by ideology. This is, in part, what gives them their vitality.

– Words cut the pie almost randomly.

– Being loved – unless the love is unconditional – is invariably associated with being controlled.

– I have irrefutable proof that God is a man. The universe began with the most humongous bang that anyone can imagine. A woman would not have done that.

– Anyone who understands about infinity knows that reality cannot exist. Yet it seems to.

– The average citizen in ancient Egypt – even if he was in a gang of men dragging a huge stone to a pyramid – was probably not able to ask himself, “I wonder if the Pharaoh really is God?”

– Imprisoned in our little thoughts, how vigorously we polish the bars.

– Until we know that we don't know, new knowledge cannot flow in.

– Now that trans-humanism prevails there is nothing left to do except sit quietly at the deathbed of humanity.

_The main thing wrong with most fiction is that it sounds like fiction.