What can I do in this little box that they have left me in? No. Not left me in. Crammed me into. There is air enough to breathe and I have something to eat. And most importantly, at least one person share it with. Beyond that, very little.

Love wishes to reach out beyond itself. Yet they have cut me off from reaching out in those ways that are natural to me.

Suppose I should convert this little box I live in, into a bathysphere. So long as they don’t notice they can’t stop me. I can now descend 7 miles to the very bottom of things. Beyond external light. Suppose that contemplating the self luminescent beings that somehow survive in this crushing darkness I shall learn the secret of illuminating out of myself the light needed to see others. To love them even. Perhaps I should even learn to love those assholes who put me here.

And suppose I should one day come upon another bathysphere down here. What then?