More than anything else, I have created this site in order to address two questions:

Why do we, collectively, and to a lesser extent, individually, murder and maim each other in so many ways?

What if anything, can be done about that?

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The standard model of physics seems to have arrived at the point of view that the most fundamental stuff of reality consists of fluctuations within a variety of fields. That these fields should be conscious seems to me to be neither logically necessary nor logically impossible. Nor, with the exception of the very limited fields of consciousness that we experience ourselves to be, is there sufficient evidence to prove that fields in general are conscious entities. On the other hand, despite the overwhelmingly materialist bias of educated modern society, is there any evidence that they are not? How could there be? Unless the fields spoke to us, how would we ever know? Now there’s an interesting question. Do they speak to us? There have been of course a large number of seers, poets, spiritually inclined individuals, misfits, geniuses and airheads who believe they have been spoken to. The results, one would have to say, have been mixed. In some cases the Universe sounds suspiciously like the local Baptist church. But outcome of our technological brilliance looks at least equally mixed. So I simply set all of that aside to affirm that that I choose as my primary hypothesis, not only that conscious events are the fundamental stuff of existence, but that these events are fluctuations within fields. This, minimally, does not exclude the possibility of being spoken to. I think, in fact, there are empirical and philosophical reasons for thinking this is true, but I won't go into them here.


The primary field that I’m concerned with is psycho-social field within which the events of my conscious life unfold. It is my assumption however, that the electromagnetic field is conscious as well. Also I would suggest that there are two perhaps three fields which human beings experience on a daily basis: the ecosphere, the psycho/social sphere and what De Chardin called the noosphere.


Perhaps this is the place to add the final general structure that informs my experience. This would have to do with the dialectical interaction between Gestalt and their parts. A gestalt organizes its components in accordance with principles that are not contained within the components. The organized nodules within the various fields would seem to be gestault type entities – like Sheldrakes morphogenic fields. Fields within fields.


All of this fits together somewhat vaguely in my mind at this point. I certainly cannot be expert in all of the different kinds of fields that exist, and their dynamics. The impressive mathematical descriptions of some of these fields and their dynamics is considerably beyond me. I can nevertheless be informed by what experts in these various other fields tell me. But what I wish to reclaim is my own self as a meaningful whole with his own agency existing at the intersection of a variety of fields.


As Latin barred medieval men and women from believing they had the competency and therefore the agency to understand and therefore to act with independence in the world they inhabited, mathematics, neurology, and the “physical” sciences are doing the same to ordinary people today. This is not to minimize the accomplishments of modern science, or for that matter the accomplishments of medieval theology. Our lives can be informed and enriched from many sources. But if the primary stuff of existence is conscious events then the possibility of my inhabiting a world that I can understand and act meaningfully with in remains open to me.


Today is the first day of spring. In five minutes I will go out and walk with B and I will greet the sun which is bringing its warmth to the earth as a friend.


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